ONTO / INTO [2018]

ONTO/INTO examines the relationship between the generation of an idea and the production of an art object itself. I hoped to eliminate all personal and artistic control of the maker over aesthetics, form, and content by separating the potential of an idea from the actual labor of its execution. In order to do this, I sought out a group of participants to generate ideas that I could then execute in their most literal interpretations. Over a period of four weeks, participants were repeatedly provided with groupings of various actions, materials, colors, and substrates to select from and combine at random.


The resulting combinations became my instructions and task each week regardless of difficulty and artistic sensibility. Though all the actions and materials the participants were provided with are common to a variety of artistic practices, they don’t often function together in harmony.  Each object in this series is the result of my execution of a single set of instructions and the forced relationship between the processes and materials selected according to this system.

ONTO / INTO been shown as both a multi-media installation and as an interactive website.