VERSION[s] [2016]

It is overwhelmingly apparent that easily consumed information has currently replaced research and critical analysis as the main influence on public opinion and perception in contemporary society. I am concerned with and interested in the potential consequences of this phenomenon, specifically, the distorted realities that are easily spread via the internet.


This body of work explores the inaccessibility of objective truths given the overwhelming amount of “factual” yet conflicting accounts presented by internet news media. Each photograph in this series is a process-based work that records daily interactions with a variety of news sources. The process combines digital information with analog capture, rendering each of the images visually unrecognizable from their original source. The resulting versions of "truth" are seen represented as physical, two-dimensional objects.

VERSION(s) has iterations as both a hand-made book and as a series of mounted silver prints with accompanying video. In 2019, the series was nominated in the FIne Art Photography Award's conceptual amateur category. The topic explored in VERSION(s) is the subject of the artist's current and ongoing research.

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