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Brenna Hansen is a photographic visual artist from Southern California, currently living and working in Oakland, CA.  Her work focuses on perception, misinformation, and the way contemporary society organizes information and experience. She often uses a combination of digital and analog photography processes to examine the spaces between perception and reality. 


Hansen studied Studio Art, Art Photography, and holds an Interdisciplinary BA in Art History & Philosophy from Arizona State University. In 2019, she worked to establish the Eugene Darkroom Group community darkroom, serving as Education Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator until 2023. She currently works as an educator in darkroom & alternative photography processes, book-making, and professional practices for emerging artists, both internationally and within the US as an instructor at Maude Kerns Art Center, East Bay Photo Collective, and Eugene Darkroom Group. She currently serves as the Darkroom Coordinator for East Bay Photo Collective. 

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